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Steven “Ace” Acker



Ace Acker was the guitarist of the legendary 70s Midwest soul-rock band, LAW. By the time of the band’s discovery in 1975 by the Who, it had already carved out a national reputation touring with virtually every major act of the era.

After releasing three albums on MCA Records, Steve left the band in 1978 to pursue a career in advertising in Jackson, MS and Nashville, TN. His work as a copywriter and creative director for countless clients like Dollar General Stores, Sara Lee Foods, McDonalds has garnered national awards and generated millions of dollars in sales.

In 2007, his musical gifts were re-discovered by the owner of SST Studios in New York, John Hanti, with whom he signed a long-term development writing and production deal.

Despite a devastating 5-year interruption after Superstorm Sandy destroyed SST in October 2012, Steve continues to work for SST today as its marketing director and continues to write and produce records. Steve is currently writing a book with Hanti about their experiences in the music business. He currently lives in Niles, Ohio.

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