George Perilli

Like so many musicians of his generation, George’s music career began the night he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. He was hooked. After a false start taking guitar lessons, his cousin persuaded George to pick up his sticks and play the drums, instead.


A second life-changing moment came when he saw the Buddy Rich Big Band perform in the ballroom at Idora Amusement Park in Youngstown, Ohio. He committed himself that night to becoming a virtuoso drummer. And that he is! Few musicians anywhere boast a resume like his. He has toured the world and recorded with countless artists (Michael McDonald, Donna Summer, Reba McIntyre, etc.), composers, producers, singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists in all genres of music. 


His stellar drum work can be heard on jingles, television, and film soundtracks. Now, he can be heard of Sun King Rising’s “Delta Tales, as well.

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