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A Sun King Rising Studio Band Instrumental Sneak Preview

by Karyn Mueller


Here is an instrumental preview of “Bitter Waters Sweetened,” a fast-paced rhythmic song sure to have you tapping your foot and singing along!

This track (recorded live in the studio) opens with drummer George Perilli providing a catchy beat to pull you in right away. The horns are amazing, and the background vocals - sung by Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson - add world-weary depth to the song and are a perfect complement to John Blangero’s husky lead. Bass wizard George Elliott, O'Jay's guitarist Willie Ross, and the Ralph Guzzi Horns round out the band on this recording.

Bitter Waters Sweetened, written by John Blangero, is sophisticated and upbeat…a favorite of mine. I’m so happy to share this with you!

Signs & Wonders features a variety of genres. I’m sure you will find a favorite (or two) of your own! The Sun King Rising Studio Band has been amazing, displaying high levels of musicianship throughout the recording on a par with any New York City, Nashville, or L.A. band. Signs & Wonders is due for release in June 2022.


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