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For You Lovers of Classic Southern Rock & Soul Music...

“Propelled by some searing, melodious lead guitar, and with a warming piano backbone...” This is how Classic Rock Magazine describes DELTA TALES in The Hot List section of the April 2021 edition. DELTA TALES was released in October of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. As John said in one of his interviews, “people are seeking solace in music during this period. One of the goals was to make people feel good.” This record definitely delivers! It’s one of my favorites and trust me, these ten soulful heartfelt songs will make you feel good for a long time to come. DELTA TALES is now available in CD and digital download formats. Vinyl coming soon! Have you ordered your copy yet? Please join our Sun King Rising crew. Add your name and email in the form below. And may the sun rise always over you...with love from Karyn.

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