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I learned a few things during a chat with Ace Acker, producer of Sun King Rising’s first (and soon to be second) record. After a slow start, things are moving quickly now and there is a bit of news to share! First, the working title is awesome – “Signs & Wonders.” Twelve demos have been completed and the plan is to record this summer and fall at Maplewood Studios in Pittsburgh…starting next week!

The songs on the upcoming album are an incredibly diverse offering. The SKR band has been assembled and when the time comes, I will share the line-up. You’re sure to be impressed! All of us at SKR are excited about this new record. I have said time and again it is going to be stellar, and I know you will agree! That’s all for now…stay tuned. Things are happening!

May the Sun Rise Always Over You...from Karyn.

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