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Sun King Rising Releases Free Christmas Single


Port Isabel, TX December 15, 2022—Sun King Rising, aka, John Blangero has released a surprise Christmas song for friends and fans, titled It Must Be Christmas.

“I wasn’t planning to write a Christmas song for 2022,” Blangero said, “But a couple of weeks ago, the spirit hit me from out of the blue, so I sat down at my grand piano to write It Must Be Christmas.”

Like Alabama Nocturne from his new album, Signs & Wonders, this song is a piano/vocal solo recording. While the former record was augmented with strings and bass, this one is a raw, live performance with no overdubs.

“It continues my tradition of story songs, but this one is also quite traditional,” Blangero explains. “It’s about a man who has lost the love of his life, but he feels her presence at Christmas. Her memory reminds him of what the holiday is about. He is essentially the same man I sing of in my song Milkweed and Thistle from the Delta Tales album. My “Girl in China Blue” also appears once more.”

According to Blangero, “I had no intention of releasing the song this year, but to save it for next Christmas a big, full production. The way it turned out changed his mind “I was deeply inspired when I recorded this song at home, and I was able to catch a little bit of special magic on the second full take. I think you can hear that on the single.”

Blangero said, “When Nick Katona, President of PeacockSunrise Records, heard it he agreed that we should put it out as a token of our deep appreciation for all the Sun King Rising fans who have given us so much support and love in 2022. To all of you, I wish you a very merry Christmas.” Sun King Rising Online Website: Bandcamp: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: PSR Profile:

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