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First reviews of the first single from the new album, Signs & Wonders

No. 6 Magnolia Avenue

I is great to see Sun King Rising utilize his efforts to create such a full and evocative album, and with No. 6 Magnolia Avenue as the first release from this effort, it is sure to garner much attention within the music community...the infectious melodies coupled with the intricate harmonies that are provided by the 5 piece band, make this track a sure hit on all available platforms...READ COMPLETE REVIEW.

“No. 6 Magnolia Avenue” is a truly fantastic song. This song is truly an experience with a richly textured backing instrumental that is sure to keep you engaged throughout the track’s backing instrumental. This instrumental combines perfectly with a melodic vocal performance from Blangero; this brilliant combination makes this song extremely memorable and one that is a lot of fun to revisit. READ COMPLETE REVIEW

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