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the new wave of southern rock & soul music

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.Sun King Rising has already risen if you ask me – this is music made by dedicated professionals, and you can completely hear that in the combination of relentless passion and precision that they bring to every moment of this record.

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John Blangero is a great pianist with a wonderful, soulful voice, like Van Morrison if he had been raised on the Mississippi Delta

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You never quite know what you are going to get with a release billed as Americana...a combination of Americana, Southern Soul, and seventies Classic Rock...

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Classic Rock with anthem of the most beautiful works I have heard in 2021.

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The sound is absolutely gigantic, from the hits of the drums to the fanfare that punctuates the piece periodically. Instrumentally vibrant they bring a whole lot of color into the entirety of the experience.

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John Blangero slips in and out of that character like a whack-a-mole game. He knows what sound he wants, and he chases it, weavings expertly through funk, classic rock, and elements of soul and R&B as well.

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Sun King Rising is looking back to the days of Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Delta Lady and southern soul meets rock. This is good as I’ve always had a penchant for that sort of thing....

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...southern classic rock with a touch of Memphis soul seasoned to taste. Well recorded to a smooth consistency and a dash of Kentucky bourbon added for spice.

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A complete package  giving the listener a pure taste of Southern life, void of hardship and strife, but exploring the majesty of life in the South.

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... all-encompassing passion and musical vision to bear on the album’s ten cuts that it is a complete listening experience. There are no holes in this release.

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Behind this project is singer, musician, and songwriter John Blangero, a highly experienced man who has been in the music business for decades...

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If you listen to this delicious musical gumbo of Southern Rock and Country Soul, you won't suspect that one of the world's leading geneticists is behind the name Sun King Rising.

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Sun King Rising. His new ten-song release finds him taking on every musical genre imaginable...

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 It is rare indeed to be captivated by just the first few bars of a record, but I was immediately intrigued to discover something earthy and full of heart and soul....

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Few contemporary releases impress with such a clear identity. These are songs capable of commanding your attention. It is the sort of material that connects with listeners on both a mental and physical level. 

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Soaring progressive-rock grandeur meets deeply soulful Southern rock at the crossroads of Delta Tales, where Sun King Rising’s John Blangero—a world-renowned genetic scientist—is waiting under an inviting big tent...

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Many positive qualities stand out... and one of its greatest merits is its unity; the songs and musicians complement one another and there’s little if any dissonance detectable in its presentation...

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Sun King Rising scores in a big way with this album. I will look forward to a future burning with promise....

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Sun King Rising... has everything anyone who loves great songwriting could want. Songwriter and bandleader John Blangero chose ten tracks for this invocation of the American South...

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“Free Will in China Blue” is something no one else could or would have written. His identity burns brightest during pieces such as this as he melds an inspired piano-laden musical sensibility with an unique lyrical perspective

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An Americana/southern soul/classic rock type of album packed with memorable hooks, rocking piano, driving rhythms, a powerful horn section, and soulful female backing singers...

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