Rozz Chapman

Rozz (Bunchie) Coleman: Is a native of Warren, Ohio and the eldest of 9 children. She comes from a musical family, and has been singing for over 40 years. Known for her versatility, she sings everything from Aretha to Streisand. Razz is also an actress and playwright. She has been all over the country as a vocalist and still going strong. She is a member of Backtraxx Band, Memphis Soul Brew and Just Us, to name a few...Music is my world, says Rozz

Razz adds a soulful feel to whatever she is singing. She often says," I want people to feel something that makes them happy when I sing." Razz is the mother of 1 daughter Brie'An and the grandmother of 2. Brie'An forever changed my life and for that I am grateful.

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