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Valsam's review at RootsTime (September 17, 2020)


"To begin this story, we would like to ask you to first watch the video attached, an eleven-minute "teaser" for the debut album "Delta Tales" by the Texan band "Sun King Rising". In this video, you can hear fragments of all the songs on this record. "Sun King Rising" is a solo project by singer-songwriter and also a college professor and top researcher John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas.

He composed ten "Americana" and "Southern Rock" songs for his very first record on which we also hear elements of country, soul, and blues integrated into the songs. The album was produced in seven different studios by Steven "Ace" Acker of Ohio, guitarist and songwriter of popular Cleveland rock group "LAW" since 1971.

Ace Acker also plays organ and guitar on several songs on "Delta Tales" by "Sun King Rising". He does this on the songs “The Snake”, “Down The Delta Road”, “Drive Me To Nashville” and the songs “Take It Down” and “Evangeline In The Morning” composed by him together with John Blangero. John Blangero plays piano, organ, and keyboards, while Jeff Bremer and Joe Macre play bass guitar on this album, George Perilli and Andy Taravella on drums and Steve Schuffert is responsible for the main guitar work.

Most of the other tracks on “Delta Tales” were provided with lyrics and music by John Blangero himself. There are some great modern songs such as the rocking “Milkweed And Thistle”, the ballads “Down The Delta Road”, “In A State Of Grace” and “Drive Me To Nashville” and the up-tempo song “Love Turns Gray” with 'The Cold City Horns' providing a sublime horn section. The exception to this is the album-opening track “The Snake” which is a cover version of an R&B and soul song written in 1963 by human rights activist Oscar Brown and released as a single in 1968 by American singer Al Wilson. Eager to quote its lyrics in 2016, the song was used by Donald Trump during his presidential election campaign."

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