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the new wave of southern rock & soul music

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the sun king rising band

George Elliott - Bass

We recorded basic tracks of Signs & Wonders from July through December 2022 live in the studio at Maplewood Studio in Ambridge, PA.  with  a core band of top-notch Pittsburgh players and singers, as produced by Ace Acker and engineered by David Granati. At the same time, we overdubbed the background singers and horn section in a series of sessions at Maplewood.  Nashville's Brian Foraker completed the final mix and master in January 2022.

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John Blangero - Grand Piano, Lead Vocals
George Perilli.jpg
George Perilli - Drums
George Elliott.jpg
George Elliott - Bass
Willie Ross.jpg
Willie Ross - Guitar
Steve Schuffert.jpg
Steve Schuffert- Guitar
Fred Delu.jpg
Fred DeLu - Electric Piano
Stevee Wellons -Choirmaster
Joy Brown.jpg
Joy Brown - BG Vocals
Bernice Wilkerson - BG Vocals
Pete Hewlett.jpg
Pete Hewlett -- BG Vocals
Ralph Guzzi.jpg
Ralph Guzzi - Horn
Arranger & Trumpet
Eric Defade.jpg
Eric DeFade - Sax
Kevin McManus.jpg
Kevin McManus - Trombone
Roger Humphries.jpg
Roger Humphries -Drums
"Buried in the Blues Again"
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David Granati.jpg
Davud Granati - Engineer
Ace Acker - Producer
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