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In the Grand Tradition of the Great Piano-Playing Singer-Songwriters.

by Karyn Mueller for The Lowdown

It has been 10 months since the release of Delta Tales. Can you believe it? Since that time John has been hard at work on the songs for his second record, “Signs & Wonders.” The more I hear, the more I detect a change in John’s writing and in his singing, striking me as more polished and professional. Not to say it hasn’t always been that way, but I hear more depth and soul in his new compositions. In these songs he pays homage to the great piano-playing singer-songwriters who influenced him (Elton John, Dr. John, Leon Russell to name a few),

Two generations have come-of-age since great musicians such as these were at their peak. Sadly, there are not many artists still producing this genre of music. John fulfills the need with his offerings of southern rock mixed with a touch of blues and even pop. In my opinion, the music he is creating has the potential to pull a younger audience into the fold while it fulfills the desire of our generation for this kind of music.

John is emerging as a fresh new artist unlike anyone I can think of. His lyrics are a language of emotion without boundaries or limitations and when put to music they are beyond expectation. When you consider John’s extensive history as a scientist, it makes sense that science and music have collided to produce the sounds that will shine on “Signs & Wonders.:”

Both share a joy of things coming to fruition, of things falling into place. Things are falling into place beautifully and pure magic is in the making.

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