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"Free Will in China Blue" video creator explains her blue scarf metaphor.


Free Will in China Blue is the bonus track on Delta Tales, and it is on fire! The video is really cool; I wanted to find out more about it. Toward the end of 2020 John was set to film a video for another song in Pittsburgh. However, due to COVID restrictions in PA, the shoot had to be cancelled and the idea of a lyric video for Free Will in China Blue was born.

John’s producer, Ace Acker, tapped his longtime friend, Cyndee Kaule, an artist, designer and photographer living in Hilton Head, for this project. Having free artistic rein, she was tasked with developing the concept as well producing the film.

I had a conversation with Cyndee the other day to ask how she came up with the idea for the video and for some input on the filming. Cyndee portrays the woman in China Blue using the blue scarf as the symbol of her “free will.” The scarf is used in varying degrees throughout the video to illustrate the fluctuating stages of that will. Cyndee called on her friend, musician Eddy Anthony, to portray John Blangero (not an easy task!) and to help with filming logistics, some of which involved lagoons and alligators!

It sounds like, although a challenge at times, it was a great experience for Cyndee that resulted in an engaging video.

As you watch, keep an eye out for some of Cyndee’s artwork!

Footnote: I asked John how China Blue originated. I was expecting a complex explanation, but it simply came to him as a dream of dancing to 1920’s music in a shack with a woman wearing a china blue dress.

I hope you enjoy getting on the inside of the creative process as much as I do! May the sun rise always over you...with love from Karyn

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