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In Honor of Drummer, John Sferra

The making of Delta Tales required the talents of 28 session players and singers working in 7 studios across the United States. Now and then, I will be highlighting some of these talents in The Lowdown.

Today we are presenting drummer, John Sferra. John is best known for his work with Glass Harp who, alongside Daniel Pecchio and Phil Keaggy, were a powerhouse trio from Youngstown in the 60’s and 70’s. Glass Harp released three fine studio albums and a couple of live albums and toured with such heavy hitters as Traffic, Yes, The Kinks, Humble Pie, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Grand Fund Railroad. After Glass Harp separated, Sferra and Keaggy continued to record together sometimes, most notably on Keaggy's 1993 solo album Crimson and Blue. John is also a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who contributed his talent to two Delta Tales tracks – Down the Delta Road and Love Turns Grey.

John Sferra Needs a Kidney

John is in urgent need of a kidney. He quickly found himself in kidney failure late last summer after an adverse reaction to prescription medication. John has begun the long journey of dialysis as he waits for the kidney transplant list to shorten. Prayerfully, a living donor will be found soon.

If you, or someone you know has ever considered being a living kidney donor, please contact Cleveland Clinic Donor Planning.

💚 Click onto the site below for information💚.

In the meantime, enjoy a sample of John’s solo work here:

For all of us who grew up with Glass Harp, this is personal. May the sun rise always over you...and over John Sferra. With love from Karyn.

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