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Inside the Special Screening of SKR's New Music Video

by Karyn Mueller

LAST WEEKEND, the Sun King Rising team gathered at Gallo’s Italian Villa in New Castle, PA (hometown of SKR) to preview the official video for “Free Will in China Blue.”

Directed by hometown and Hollywood cinematographer/director extraordinaire, Dante Ludovici, it is a work of cinematic art, IMHO. Dante screened several edits for us to view and comment on. He is now editing a final cut for an international release in early January concurrent with the radio single release of “Free Will in China Blue.”

It amazed me to see the (almost) finished result of the shoot at Urban Studio, downtown Pittsburgh, last month. That day consisted of take-after-take of SKR and the players, both individually and as a group, from all imaginable angles! It was hard to fathom how that full day of filming would eventually become a 3:45 video. What a treat to attend this screening with John and the team to witness the culmination of it all.

I’ve no doubt that every one of us left that room with high anticipation. As a footnote, the new version of Delta Tales includes “Free Will in China Blue” and is now available at

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