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My First Day Ever in a Recording Studio with the Sun King Rising Studio Band.

by Karyn Mueller for The Lowdown

I attended a tracking session the other day at Maplewood Studio, my first such experience. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped about it! Upon arrival at the small and inviting space, I was welcomed by owner/musical wonder, David Granati, and he offered espresso that would “wind me up pretty good.” The studio wasn’t as big as I expected but it had a homey feel, filled with comfy couches and plenty of food for anyone who came hungry!

One by one, the members of the Sun King Rising Studio Band arrived. It was very cool to witness the gathering of these accomplished musicians and see how they interacted with each other. The music community is a close knit one and the comradery and obvious talent that will shine on Signs & Wonders was so apparent.

John Zoomed in from Port Isabel, “met” the band members, and shared some insight into the track they would be working on. Then, a bit of rehearsal before the band got down to business. Since I wasn’t quite sure where to position myself without being in the way, I sat out front in the very nicely landscaped yard with a couple of newfound friends and enjoyed the sounds coming from the studio. Since I had to drive back to Cleveland that day, I wasn’t able to stay for the entire session and regrettably left before the track was done. Obviously, I am really looking forward to my next visit to Maplewood Studio!

A few months ago, Steve Schuffert, the force behind the stellar guitar solos on Delta Tales was featured in the Lowdown. Over the next month or so I will be introducing you to the other members of the Sun King Rising Studio Band - Willie Ross (guitar); George Perilli (drums); George Elliott (bass); Stephanie Wellons (choirmaster/vocals), Ralph Guzzi (arranger), and David Granati (studio engineer).

Until then, stay tuned because amazing things are happening!

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