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SKR's Second Album Released Today

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The New Wave of Southern Rock & Soul Music is Here!

September 29, 2020--Sun King Rising’s long-awaited second album, Signs & Wonders, has been released today on PeacockSunrise Records. “We are thrilled to represent such an astounding artist and album,” says label head, Nick Katona. The 10-song album is now available on all popular formats: CD, Vinyl, Digital, and Streaming. PeacockSunrise Records is the Americana/Rock label spinoff of Nick Katona’s successful Progressive Rock label, Melodic Revolution. Sun King Rising is the professional moniker of singer/songwriter/piano player John Blangero who hails from Port Isabel, Texas. He calls his music “the new wave of southern rock and soul music.” As with Sun King Rising’s highly acclaimed debut album, Delta Tales, Pittsburgh’s Ace Acker again served as producer. Signs & Wonder is a collection of Blangero’s southern noir stories set to music, with a cast of colorful characters, intrigue, tales of sin and redemption, murder without justice, and love without limits. Had William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams been lyricists, they might have written deeply nuanced musical stories like Sun King Risings. The album’s first single, “No. 6 Magnolia Avenue,” is a classic 60s/70s horn band pop in the vein of Chicago, Spiral Staircase, and Blood. Its official release of Dante Ludovici’s cinematic short film of the same title is to be released in about two weeks. Ludovici directed the official “Free Will in China Blue” video from the first album, as well.

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