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The Sun Rises on Sun King Rising's second album.

by Karyn Mueller for the Lowdown

On August 2, John zoomed in before the start of a recording session at Maplewood Studio. The task at hand: to lay down a basic track for a new song titled “Jubal Takes a Wife” to appear on the second Sun King Rising album, “Signs & Wonders.” As some of you may have ascertained, John likes to tell a story within his songs. He takes much of the mythology for these stories from his family, using family names and places to add depth and flavor to his lyrics. A good example is ‘Beneath the Southern Sun’ from “Delta Tales.” The character name of Hezekiah was taken from his great uncle!

We are all excited about the progress of the new album. The Sun King Rising Studio Band got off to a great start with ‘Jubal,” an unconventional song with many curves. John likes it when all the players bring their own kind of message to the songs. This band is a talented group of accomplished musicians, and their individual messages are coming through loud and clear!

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